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1st August 2002

Welcome back. Sorry I've been away for so long but i haven't had that much to update recently but I thought it was about time I had an update.

My news? Well because Clair and I are in the process of buying a house we haven't had a chance to visit anywhere this year so far, however Clair and I went on a mammoth tour of the coast of Wales in June where we visited some spooky places. We even managed to get to the fabled Wooton-Under-Edge but only succeeded in not finding the Haunted Inn there. But as soon as I get the films developed I will give you another update.

Also, you may have noticed that this site is now hosted on its own domain (for those of you still coming to the site through the geocities mirror the address for the new faster site is http://www.hauntedinns.co.uk ) .

On the Guest Page I have put some of the emails I have received and if you can help any of the authors then please email me.

Well enjoy the rest of the "summer" and I will update again soon. Promise.

All the best



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25th October 2001

Well here I am again, I was intending to update the site in July but one thing lead to another and guess what?? That's right I never got round to doing anything.

After a nice break away in the sunny south I managed to visit two more of Alexanders' Haunted Inns. There seems to be a cluster of inns just around the M40 so next time I head south I'll do my utmost to visit the others.

In June Clair and I visited  The Crown in Pishill, which has got to be one of the nicest pubs I have been in during this tour, and the Weston Manor Hotel near Bicester with its tree lined avenue. We also took a trip to Beachy Head and Wakehurst Place where I managed to obtain a copy of Haunted Inns of Sussex.

Sadly, due to Listbots closure, I will also be discontinuing the newsletter, not that many people signed up for it and not that I actually got round to doing newsletters but I'm sure it will be missed.

Other fantastic things to tell you I've been approached by several production companies and researchers for radio stations, contacted by paranormal societies and the best news is I've now got a new car (farewell little Citroen AX....hello Fiesta!).

I have added a new section entitled "Can you help?" as I seem to get a lot of requests that I am not able to answer.

Well have a good Halloween and I will try and update the site this side of Christmas.

Take Care



STOP PRESS!!! - I got a rather snotty email from Geocities today, saying I have too many visitors. When I tried take them up on their web hosting offer they tell me that I am not eligible as I don't live in the USA. Ah well...I will have to find somewhere else to host the site.....stay tuned ;-)




29th April 2001

Well I finally found it! The Headless Woman that is. You can read all about my little visit by following the link on the Inns page. I also managed to get last years photos developed so this is going to be another bumper update. You can also find out about our visits to Stanbury, Halifax, Porth Dinllaen and Speke Hall.

This year I have managed to secure a trip to the south so Clair and I will be paying a visit to some of the inns in Oxfordshire in June and we may even take a trip into Clapham Woods near Worthing or visit the Long Man. I'm sure what ever we do if I hear of any hauntings I'll let you know. 

Other than that there is not much else new to this update. Thanks again to all those who contacted me since the last update, I will reply very soon. Oh, I almost forgot; If you have Yahoo messenger you can add me to your list ( stegz.geo@yahoo.com )  and I'll be more than happy to answer your queries or maybe  just have a chat. I'm also on MSN for those with MSN messenger (sjmason1973@hotmail.com) . 

Thanks again for visiting and keep those stories coming!






6th March 2001

Another year, another new job, another new update....I have been busy! Things didn't work out as well as I had hoped in the job I got in October last year, however as I have said; I started a new job in February this time at Liverpool University. Luckily for you I have my weekends back so now I can hopefully visit a few more inns. 

Many thanks to all you lovely regular visitors and thanks too to all those who have sent me fascinating tales and updates. You can see their contributions on my visitors page and on the Inns listing page. 

This year I hope to pay more attention to the site and hopefully give it a bit of a redesign and visit those far off inns in Essex. I am also hopefully off to Stirling in April so I might be able to get some tales from up there but then again who knows. One thing I have noticed is that the chat room is not very good, so I will be changing that too if you are interested. On the Inns side of things I still haven't managed to get to "The Headless Woman"  or get my photos from last year processed  (maybe soon though). Therefore I have added some more details to one or two of the inns relating Marc Alexanders' research. 

Anyway, thanks again for coming back and keep those tales coming!




4 November 2000

Hello again! Yet another year is almost at a close and I still haven't visited anywhere near the amount of inns as I had hoped. This weekend Clair, Dobs and I visited the lovely Cheshire village of Tarporley but failed to locate the "Headless Woman". I think that it might be a job for my Dad and his camera! (Unless, of course, you have a picture of the "Headless Woman" in Tarporley that you could send to me.....please?!?!?). 

As some of you may already know I have just started a new job that unfortunately does not provide as much spare time as when I worked for HSE. But not to worry, I will still endeavour to continue adding to the site as and when I can. 

I could really do with a  bit of help with HIOGB. If you are a regular visitor to or live local to one of the inns on the Inns page. Please please please could you get me a photograph of the inn. I would be most grateful and if you don't have a scanner don't worry because I do so contact me and I will send you details of how to get the picture to me. Also I would like to hear from you if you know of ghostly goings on in your local. If I can get there I might even pay a visit and buy you a pint for your troubles.  

Anyhow, I've got some fantastic tales to tell about some of the places we visited in the summer; ghostly goings on in and around Woolton and Gateacre near Liverpool; terrifying tales from various visitors to the website. Plus a new and exciting chat room and visitors page where you can read all the lovely emails visitors have sent to me. You can also add a link to HIOGB by downloading my fantastic new banner and plonking it on your site....and if you let me know you've done this I will add a link to yours :0)

Clair and I are still to visit Howarth and the south coast. But hey! The year isn't over yet! 

Hope you had a good Halloween



25 July 2000

Hello again to the regular visitors and welcome to those newcomers. There has been a great deal of interest in the HIOGB website recently so apologies to those waiting replies to emails I have been really busy recently but I promise to get round to you soon. 

Clair and I have just returned from a week in Wales where I did a bit of research whilst Clair got a nice suntan on the beach. As soon as I have my films developed I will tell you more. During my research I also gained a few tip-offs of some interesting Haunted Inns elsewhere in the country however I will let you know more at a later date.

I am still missing loads of areas in Great Britain, it is difficult to hold down a full-time job AND go visiting Haunted Inns so your emails and stories are very important to me, keep them coming and I especially want to hear from people in Scotland and Lancashire. 

Clair and I are still to visit Cheshire and Haworth soon and maybe even a few more areas in the south of England.  

Coming soon, as well as details of my Welsh research; my trip to London where a friend told me about his experiences outside a pub in Southwark; and, updated to day, details about the Bull in Long Melford and much more 

Again a big thank you to those who are regular visitors and keep those stories and photos coming.


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30th April 2000

Happy belated Easter! Last week Clair and I went to Cardiff (Hello Stef!) and we where intending to take a little detour to Walsall on the way down from Liverpool but silly me forgot to take the directions and so we had to pass up our little so-journ to the White Hart this time.  However we did visit Penarth, which has a nice little bar which was once a swimming pool (Inn At the Deep End) where we were struck by lightening!

Many thanks to all those who have sent me emails and pictures, the interest this site has generated is phenomenal and the Mailing list is starting to take shape. Keep your stories and photos coming. Clair and I are planning our visit to Hawarth pretty soon and we might even pay a visit to the Headless Woman in Tarporley in the near future.


1st April 2000

Wow! Three thousand visitors! I never thought that the site would be that popular. But welcome back anyhow. So whats new? Well for starters the Demon mirror site is almost complete, I plan to have it up and running  before the end of May, secondly, a big thankyou to Jonathan Slater of Sheffield for inviting me to be interviewed in his magazine which is due to be published in May this year. You can read about 2 pubs in his area by following the links in the list of pubs.

Thirdly, as some of you may be aware I was on the Toby Friedner Show on BBC Three Counties this week talking about my site (a huge welcome to those joining me from Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire).

Clair and I have been travelling about again. You can read about our visit to Pocklington, Yorkshire and our trip to Sledmere. Incidently, as a result of our trip to Sledmere, I have started to  expand the site to include other haunted  places. If you think this is a good idea please let me know. I am always pleased to hear from people with interesting tales.

Not only that, but as Clair and I are thinking of travelling around a bit more this year (thankyou little car) and I thought I would start a mailing list so I can keep in touch with developments as and when they happen and so that people can swap stories. (see contact page for details)


25 January 2000.

Welcome back if you are one of the two thousand visitors to HIOGB and a big hello to you if you are here for the first time. After an eventful year involving computer crashes, hard-drive wipes and a period of mail loss, I have finally got round to updating the site.  During the last year I conducted some interesting research into some other haunted inns and I also recieved some splendid tales via email which I wanted to add. Sadly a nasty virus infected my PC and I had to wipe my harddrive, which should be a lesson to both you and I to back up your data more often!!!! (If you did email me your story PLEASE!!! send it to me again I would be most greatful!)  

So I am slowly updating the site and  I hope to have some more inns added within the next couple of months so keep checking back. I am also working on a mirror site at my Demon homepage  and hope to swap all my sites there in the future (After all I am paying 12 a month for 15Mb of webspace). Anyway, enough of my waffling, get sending me your stories.   Happy 2000



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