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Praise and thanks

. From Martin Jones - 02/02/01 -

Hi-I saw your site on the old police station in quarry st,woolton.I was born and brought up in woolton-and still live there. I remember as a child I used to play around the quarry and the old police station-and I was aware then (late 50's early 60's) that the police station was haunted.I lived on the hill not far away-Felltor Close. Nice to see a bit of woolton on the net!

. Dorene White 17/6/01

What a wonderful site. just spent the whole afternoon perusing your stories. The pics were just beautiful and the text was so well written. I don't know when I've enjoyed myself so much.

Although I've never been to Great Britain, I am planning a trip next year. I've always wanted to see The Isle of Man where my family is from. Any hauntings there?

We have hauntings in the US but since our history is only a few centuries old it lacks the mystery and romance that your stories have.

Thank you again for such a lovely visit.

God Bless,


Assistance Required

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Old Emails

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